How do I open and close the clips on the Klipsee Kase?
While holding your Klipsee, lay the short straps into your hand.   Locate the lever on the clip and position your thumb slightly under the lever.   Firmly push the lever up and away until it clicks open.  To close, simply press the lever down.  The “jaws” of the clip also can be easily pressed together.   You can also watch our YouTube video below which demonstrates how to open and close the clips!  Once you do it once or twice, it will be second nature to use it!  
How do I make the Klipsee Kase stand on its own? 
To configure the Klipsee into a standing position, open the clips, and fold them backwards.  Fold the D-rings on the case upwards and securely clip the clips onto the d-rings.  Press gently on the strap to create a triangular shape, place your phone in your Klipsee Kase, zip it, and flip it over into the standing position!   Watch the video below for a demonstration!
How do I wear my Klipsee Kase?
Your Klipsee Kase can be worn in several ways by attaching it to your Klipsee strap (Cross body, shoulder, and around the waist!  It can be worn facing in which give you more security because the zipper can not be accessed, or facing outward which gives you easy access to your phone!  It can also easily be firmly clipped onto fabric clothing such as a fabric belt, belt loops, etc.  The video below demonstrates how to attach your Klipsee to your strap and ways to wear it! 
How do I change the Klipsee Inserts?
Your Klipsee Inserts are easily changed by simply opening your Klipsee Kase, pulling the Insert out of the Klipsee, then place your new Insert into your Kase (zipper side first is easiest).  Maneuver the edges of your Insert to the front of your Klipsee Kase to cover the seams of the Kase.   The video below demonstrates how to change your Klipsee Insert easily and quickly!
How do I clean my Klipsee Kase?
You can clean your Klipsee using any non abrasive cloth (microfiber or screen cleaning cloth works the best).  Mild soap and water will remove most residue.  Do not use any chemical cleaners that will damage vinyl.   Your Klipsee insert can be hand washed and ironed on low setting if necessary.   However, spot cleaning is preferred.